About Us

AYUSH EXPORTS is one of the largest smoking accessories providers and India’s largest glass pipes manufacturing facility.

We are manufacturers and exporters of all types of Smoking products. The material used in manufacturing glass smoking pipes and other smoking products are of high quality which differs us from others.

AYUSH EXPORTS is a collection of Glass Smoking Pipes/Spoon pipes, Bongs, Percolator, Honeycomb, Glass Cylinder pipe, Glass Water pipes Glass Oil burner pipes, Glass Kit Pipe, Wooden Pipe, Wooden Dugout, Wooden Herb Grinders, metal smoking tobacco pipes, color changing bongs, blown glass bongs, hand glass bong, hookah bongs, glass hammer pipe, Glass Sherlock pipes, Glass Animal shape pipes, Hookahs, Glass Bubblers, Glass Figure Pipe, Glass Cigarette Holder, Chillums, wholesale smoking pipes and accessories.

AYUSH EXPORTS is equipped of unique artists of creative mind for maintaining the sterling quality. According to our Buyer's requirement we even customize our products to meet their specifications. We have our client chain all over the world.

We are a fair trade company. We do not use child labour at any step involved in the whole business. We pay fairly to our staff and take other necessary steps to ensure that they are satisfied and happy for working with us.

Our Mission

  • To provide the high & excellent quality Glass Pipes in lowest Prices and to provide ultimate last satisfaction to a customer.
  • Our market is worldwide
  • We believe in quality and timely delivery and good packing, so that the goods must reach to the customer safely.

Special note

  1. We have a specialized shipping method to deliver the goods at your door step.
  2. We can also develop your sample too.
  3. On bulk orders we can discuss mutually.